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STARSET Lyrics & Translation Collection


Unless otherwise stated, STARSET Lyrics & Translation Collection is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and authorized with additional terms by STARSET Mirror.

Additional Terms

  • STARSET Mirror and individual authors of translation in this repo reserve the right to redistribute their own translations under any other license or terms.
  • STARSET Mirror reserves the right to add, remove, and modify additional terms.


  • The English lyrics listed in this repository are for reference only. The copyright of the original lyrics belongs to their respective creators and rights holders.


Content Format

  • All lyrics and translations are in LRC format encoded with UTF-8.
  • Timestamp precision is in milliseconds.
  • Lyrics and translations do not contain blank lines.
  • Example:
    [ti: Title]
    [ar: Artist]
    [al: Album]
    [by: Translator (if any)]
    [00:01.386] First line
    [00:08.523] Second line
    [00:16.337] Third line

Naming Convention

  • Path structure:/language-code/album-name/two-digit-number-song title(-translator).lrc
  • Translator is optional, default translation versions for English lyrics and other languages do not include this part.

Translation Languages

Each language may have multiple translations of the same song, one of which will be selected as the default translation.

Default Translation Version

The default translation version is a translation that best meets the following criteria among existing translations:

  • The translation is accurate, vivid and conforms to the principles of "faithfulness, expressiveness, elegance"
  • The translation is consistent with STARSET's worldview


  • You can submit new translations through any of the following methods:

    • Fork your own repository according to requirements outlined in the Format section. Then initiate a Pull Request.
    • Create a new issue here
    • Contact us via Discord or Email.
  • If you wish to change the default translation version, please submit a new issue ticket at here.